Promoting digital inclusion

Empowering children and their educators to learn, play and boost the tech literacy of their classroom, their family and neighbourhoods.


An educational tool and a driver of change

A family is an ecosystem of survival and can help each other to learn with technology –across generations and tech literacy levels. These family interactions can mean that new skills acquired by one member can benefit a family collective. Parents and educators can broaden the scope of what they do online as their children acquire new digital skills. Overall, digital connectivity in the long term can help low income families to address their families everyday needs – online. With our programme exposing children and ECD educators to technology, we can boost the tech savviness of an entire classroom, family and neighbourhood. Children may facilitate their parents interactions with digital technologies, promoting dynamic interactions and collaborative experiences between caregivers and children. This boosts the closeness of a family but also has huge potential in bridging education and economic divides for low income households. Overall promoting digital inclusion for low income families.

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A social enterprise using donated smart and mobile devices to close the education gap. Using donated mobile devices, children and ECD educators access important ECD content via our devices. We help them to become tech savvy boosting their ability to read, write, spell and do Maths before they turn 10, and an educators ability to bring content to life.



Carol Dlamini (Founder)


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