Early Childhood Development

Children develop the healthiest when they can explore the world around them, play, communicate, read, write and solve problems independently. Tech savvy teachers are a core part of that, using tech tools to bring content to life. 


Why its important

Early neurological development affects the way we learn as children and adults. If children don’t learn in their early childhood they may have more trouble learning in the future limiting their potential as adults.

Cell4Change is a social enterprise, using technology to bridge the ECD education divide in rural and township areas amongst children from low income households and ECD educators. Using donated mobile devices, children aged one month to 6 years and educators will be able to access ECD content via our devices. Cell4Change provides ECD learning tools, numeracy and literacy content on mobile devices to help stimulate reading, Maths and Tech literacy. We also train and assist ECD educators with content and learning material to bring this content to life. We believe smart devices can be a powerful tool to level the education playing field. Through our devices, core learning for children and educators does not begin when they enter the classroom. It can happen earlier. Young children can access ECD content through Cell4change to learn, feel empowered and get skilled before the age of 6. Educators can access learning material boosting the potential of a child’s classroom learning.

Five Areas of Child Development

  • Physical Health, Well-Being, and Movement Skills
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Thinking Abilities and General Knowledge
  • Communication, Language and Literacy

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A social enterprise using donated smart and mobile devices to close the education gap. Using donated mobile devices, ECD educators and children access important ECD content via our devices. We help them to become tech savvy boosting their ability to read, write, spell and do Maths before they turn 10 and an educators ability to bring content to life.



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